I specialize in equestrians, seniors, and personal brands.

Hello There! I'm Debbie.

Based in Kuna, Idaho, with frequent road trips to Oregon, Washington, and beyond, I've been grateful for the numerous stories seen through my lens since 2009.

I'm just your everyday horse-crazy girl (because let's be real, some of us never outgrow it!). When you book a session with me, you're a client, but also a friend. Prepare for me to ask everything about your horse and shower your dog with way too many forehead kisses.

As your photographer, not only am I an observer; I'm a great listener. I want to bring out your personality and highlight the unique details you envision for your shoot.

Because when you look back, you'll want to remember the sun glistening during your daughter's senior photos, the adoring gaze your dog gives you, and the sweet connection between you and that special horse who stole your heart.

Here's to creating memories together. I can't wait to chat with you!

At the heart of all I do is my desire for glorifying God through my work and watching people realize how much they love the beautiful life they've been blessed with.

Just a Few Facts

  • I'm married to my love, Jeremy! He is both my comic relief and amazing advice-giver. 
  • We've had 5 angelic English Mastiffs over the years. Right now Penelope (Penny) is our main baby. She loves her family, playing in the water, trips to the ranch, and naps.
  • Traveling and experiencing other cities and cultures is one of our passions.
  • I'm a farm girl; I feel most "me" in jeans and dusty boots.
  • I enjoy horseback riding, kayaking, rodeo, outdoor concerts, and trying new restaurants.
  • I can't swim! So if we're near a body of water and I fall in, please rescue me!
  • A dream of mine is to be snowed-in for a week at a cozy cabin in the mountains (fully stocked with yummy food!), reading books and sipping tea!

Do we have anything in common?

"We love our photos so much! Working with Debbie was great! I knew we were in good hands. She's the best and we'll definitely use her again."

Macy L.